About Us

We’re not-for-profit.
Our charitable objects set clear aims:

  • Deliver advances in healthcare
  • Generate investment to fund further research

Our track record

  • We have already helped our partners put 12 drugs on the market (including Tysabri®, Avastin®, Entyvio® and Keytruda®). We have launched 18 start-ups, negotiated 400+ commercial licences and humanized more than 55 antibodies.
  • To date, we have generated over £600m in royalty revenues for our research partners.
  • We Identify
  • We Protect
  • We Invest
  • We Partner

Our goal is to ensure that innovative life science research reaches its full potential. We provide technology transfer services, identifying and protecting research, and partnering it with industry to continue development to market.


Our drug discovery laboratories take novel academic targets and generate lead stage small molecules and therapeutic antibodies for indications with unmet medical need.