Providing industry with lead stage assets

We help bridge the ‘valley of death’ between basic research and industry, providing our industry partners with a pipeline of commercially viable projects and services.

We have extensive experience commercialising academic research having helped launch 12 drugs including Avastin®, Campath® and Herceptin®, and form 18 start-ups including the UK’s largest and most successful biotech companies, Celltech and CAT. We have negotiated more than 400 commercial licences, with global pharma and biotech revenues from this research being over £40 billion.

Our services

We offer a range of commercial services and opportunities, including:

Antibody engineering
We guarantee to make you the best humanized antibody – from a team with proven success (Keytruda®, Tysabri®, Actemra®, Entyvio®).
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Developing abandoned or parked projects
We invest in and develop shelved or dormant assets that have been abandoned for strategic rather than viability reasons. We are currently looking for small molecule and therapeutic antibody programmes. We are also interested in discussing other suitable opportunities.
Please contact Michael Dalrymple to discuss.

Licensing and partnering opportunities
We have innovative research available for licensing or for collaborative development from both the UK Medical Research Council, and from ourselves which includes: small molecule and therapeutic antibody targets, platform technologies, lead stage compounds, therapeutic antibodies, and medical devices and diagnostics.