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SciBX article about the Dementia Consortium

The 24 July issue of SciBX contains an article about the Dementia Consortium with a quote from our Director of Drug Discovery, Justin Bryans. The full article is available on the SciBX site.

24 July 2014

New paper published in EMBO Molecular Medicine

The inwardly rectifying K+ channel KIR7.1 controls uterine excitability throughout pregnancy McCloskey, C., Rada, C., Bailey, E., McCavera, S., van den Berg, H. A., Atia, J., Rand, D. A., Shmygol, A., Chan, Y.-W., Quenby, S., Brosens, J. J., Vatish, M., Zhang, J., Denton, J. S., Taggart, M. J., Kettleborough, C., Tickle, D., Jerman, J., Wright, P., Dale, T., Kanumilli, S., Trezise, D. J., Thornton, S., Brown, P., Catalano, R., Lin, N., England, S. K. and Blanks, A. M. (2014) EMBO Mol Med. doi: 10.15252/emmm.201403944  

24 July 2014

Pembrolizumab in the news

An antibody humanized by MRC Technology has been in the news today, reporting some great results. Merck’s pembrolizumab (or MK3475) is a cancer treatment, in the first instance for melanoma, but is also under investigation for other cancers. It is hoped that it will gain market approval this autumn.

3 June 2014

MRC Technology and Daiichi Sankyo collaborate to identify novel targets for drug discovery

MRC Technology has established a drug discovery collaboration with Daiichi Sankyo, a global pharmaceutical company with corporate origins in Japan. The agreement will focus on the identification and selection of novel drug targets with the potential to become potent and selective therapeutics including oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

14 May 2014

16 applications received for first Dementia Consortium deadline

The Dementia Consortium has got off to a great start, with 16 applications received for the first review deadline on 23 March. Of these, two have been asked to reapply with additional information and four have progressed to the second round of review, with decisions expected in July.

15 April 2014
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