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MSD joins £4.5 million Dementia Consortium

Dementia Consortium welcomes MSD as a new partner in their global venture to accelerate drug discovery for neurodegenerative disease. MSD is the latest pharmaceutical company to join the Dementia Consortium – a £4.5 million charity-industry partnership between Alzheimer’s Research UK, MRC Technology and pharmaceutical companies Abbvie, Astex, Eisai and Lilly.

8 March 2016

US team tackle immune system in £875,000 Dementia Consortium project

New dementia drug discovery efforts get underway this month at the University of South Florida, thanks to £875,000 funding from the Dementia Consortium. The US team of academics will work with drug development experts at UK-based MRC Technology, to target the immune system in a bid to halt nerve cell damage.

1 March 2016

Dementia Consortium signs new pharmaceutical partner AbbVie

The Dementia Consortium has welcomed AbbVie as new pharmaceutical partner, joining medical research charity MRC Technology, Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading dementia research charity, and pharmaceutical companies Astex, Eisai and Lilly.

16 February 2016

MRC Technology strengthens its collaborative relationships in Scandinavia

MRC Technology (MRCT) and the University of Turku (UTU, Finland) have signed a memorandum of understanding outlining how they will work together to translate biological and medical research from UTU into new therapeutics and diagnostics. UTU researchers have considerable expertise in molecular biosciences, cardiovascular and metabolic research, with particular strengths in diagnostic development and antibody technologies. UTU’s research expertise shares synergy with MRCT’s collaborative diagnostic and therapeutic discovery programmes, which help progress early-stage academic projects towards the clinic. Through this agreement, MRCT and UTU aim to combine their capabilities to move promising medical research forward into viable and accessible diagnostics and patient treatments.

21 October 2015
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