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Putting patient wellbeing and collaboration at the heart of what we do

  by Mike Johnson (First appeared on AMRC website, 21 November 2016) Which treatment or diagnostic would make a patient’s life better? This is the starting point of what MRC Technology does. Like other medical research charities, we exist to improve patients’ lives, but unlike them, we don’t focus on a specific disease but work across a range of diseases. Many charities are doing tremendous work to support patients and fund research into potential treatments. If we work together, we can create a much bigger wave towards positive… Read More

22 November 2016

Rethinking drug research, before it’s too late

Dr David Pardoe, Head of Growth Projects at MRC Technology (First appeared as part of MediaPlanet’s antibiotic resistance campaign) Antibiotic resistance As we face the prospect of living in a ‘post-antibiotic’ era, there is renewed urgency to rethink the way we approach both the research and the funding of drug innovation. When it comes to developing new drugs we typically build on the research we’ve done in the past. But in fighting gram-negative bacteria we’ve already tested everything that is likely to work, so we need a new approach.With… Read More

18 November 2016

MRC Technology and Keio University to collaborate on drug discovery

19 May London (UK) and Tokyo (Japan) MRC Technology and Keio University School of Medicine have signed a memorandum of understanding outlining their collaboration to identify promising antibody and small molecule research and translate them into early stage assets. By combining capabilities, the partnership aims to accelerate discovery to a stage where it is ready for clinical development by pharmaceutical companies and ultimately benefit patients.

MRC Technology, a medical research charity, aims to find treatments in areas of unmet patient needs. It offers commercialisation and intellectual property (IP) management skills and diagnostic and drug discovery expertise, specialising in small molecules and therapeutic antibodies.

Keio University is a modern institution found on ‘jitsugaku’ (science) based learning. It has developed expertise in a wide range of therapeutic areas, including cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

MRC Technology has a similar agreement in place with Tokyo University.

19 May 2016

Patent protection for biotech/genetic engineering: report

Andrew Farquarson, Director, Technology Transfer, has been a member of the EU Commission’s Expert Group appointed in 2012 to advise on the Biotech Directive and patent protection for biotech/genetic engineering inventions.

Their report has now been published.

Medical related information are on page 127 (are/should stem cells, including human embryonic stem cells, be patentable ) and page 176 (should patents on nucleic acids be use-limited).

18 May 2016
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