Do you have any useful research reagents lurking in your freezer? If so, they could be commercialised to benefit the wider scientific community.

On behalf of the MRC, MRCT commercialises research reagents created by MRC researchers via partnerships with several major reagents companies. These companies sell the reagents via their catalogues, generating approximately £250,000 per year for the MRC to reinvest in research. In addition, income generated from such licences may be eligible for the MRC Award to inventors scheme (for reagents created after 1 April 2012).

Depositing your reagents with suitable repositories e.g. with ECACC for antibody hybridomas or MRC Harwell Archive for transgenic mice means that these research tools only need to be provided once, saving you from the burden of continued delivery and ensuring safe back-up storage. MRC scientists have already deposited more than 90 antibody hybridomas with ECACC and these are made available to the wider scientific community (free-of-charge to academics and under income-bearing licences to companies).

You can submit a reagent for potential commercialisation by completing the relevant form: Antibodies, Cell lines, Transgenic Mice or Vectors. For other reagent types or any questions, please contact Antonia Chatzopoulou (