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Do you have a novel small molecule drug or therapeutic antibody target?

We work on academic drug targets in collaboration with researchers to provide a central resource of industry-quality drug discovery and commercialisation skills.

Collaborate with us to benefit from:

Feedback and advice from experienced drug discovery researchers
Including in assay development, high throughput screening (HTS), medicinal chemistry, antibody engineering and affinity maturation.
Access to results and tool compounds to further research and publications
For more information, please visit callfortargets.org or contact our targets team.
Find out what we have been publishing, and read more about our Centre for Therapeutics Discovery.

Get access to our compound library

We have made our index set, a high quality small molecule library of ~9,000 compounds, available to academic screening groups. We do not charge for access to the library, but the number available is limited. We also have focused sets for ion channels and kinases, a peptidomimetic set for protein-protein interaction modulators, and a smaller set of known drugs and known pharmacologies.

Contact us for more information
If you are interested in getting access to the libraries, please download the application form. For more information please contact the targets team.

Do you have a potential diagnostic tool or test?

We work with academic scientists and those in biotech or pharma companies to co-develop diagnostic opportunities. We offer collaborative diagnostic assay development and validation thereby bridging the gap between early stage diagnostic research, its commercial exploitation and ultimately its use in clinical diagnostics/patients.

What we’re looking for
We are interested in RNA/DNA/protein –based diagnostics, particularly in the areas of oncology, infectious diseases and pharmacogenomics.
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For more information and to submit your diagnostic, please visit callfordiagnostics.org