Our Services

Choose from a full range of technology transfer and scientific development services

Build a solution that’s right for your university. Some clients use us to outsource their entire tech transfer operation, whilst others use us as a specialist to complement their existing technology transfer office.

Scientific scouting
Unearthing research gems in your portfolio that could bring benefits to patients.

Drug target identification
Our callfortargets.org programme enables us to identify and develop academic drug targets with potential.

Protecting discoveries
Our specialist life science intellectual property team protect promising research to maximise the chances of it going on to help patients.

Developing projects with potential
We identify development routes for early stage research, and opportunities for pre-seed funding.

Investing in small molecule and antibody discovery
Our aim is to turn validated drug targets into viable drug candidates.

Partnering with industry
We move research nearer the patient through our global network of pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners.